Bygone Times Cleanliness Charter
The safety of our visitors and staff is, and always has been, one of our top priorities. We want to ensure all our visitors that every precaution has been taken to offer you a safe and confident visit. We have consulted with Shorrock Trichem who provide all our chemicals and training has been undertaken to ensure all our protocols are correct. Our levels of housekeeping and hygiene have been increased offering additional confidence to our visitors. In order to continue our commitment to you and our Cleanliness Charter, all our public areas will be inspected daily by the the Management Team and all our staff will receive regular training to ensure we always maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

• We are now operating a one-way system throughout the building. Please pay attention to the signage and directions.
• We have erected a protective screen on all our till points to provide additional safety and all staff, when front of house, will be wearing face coverings.
• Please try to use stairs where possible however if you require to use the lift, please ensure only 2 people.
• All café visitors are required to supply their contact details or check in with the NHS App. These will be kept for 21 days before being destroyed.
• All visitors are required to wear a face covering, unless exempt, when moving around Public Areas of the store.

• The frequency of our public area cleaning has been increased and our toilets are cleaned and checked on a regular basis throughout the day.
• Increased frequency in cleaning key touch points in all public areas.
• Hand sanitisers are available for use throughout the store.
• All our menu’s will be printed on paper for single use then destroyed.