On this day - 1516 - Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria endorses "The German Beer Purity Law" (Reinheitsgebot) and adds to it standards for the sale of beer

On this day
April 23rd
Business opportunities from Bygone Times

“Where the antique, meets the unique!”

War Museum Now Open!


Hundreds of stalls selling a variety of interesting and beautiful antiques from furniture to pottery to classic time pieces.


A huge selection of sought after collectibles including pristine condition toys still in their packaging and military items from across the globe.


A nostalgic selection of war, music, sports and kitchen memorabilia, Bygone Times has some of the finest items around to compliment any home or collection.


If you’re looking for that fashionable item to complete your look or decorate your living space check out the huge selection of vintage jewellery, clothing and homeware.

Garden Centre

Our garden centre is full of beautiful blooms, glorious greenery and wonderful ornaments all hidden away in the Mill’s courtyard.