Antique Furniture

Our antique furniture stalls house everything from Victorian dressing tables to Edwardian dining chairs. With all types of furniture in a variety of styles, including French and continental, Bygone Times is an antique furniture lover’s paradise.

Antique Timepieces

From pocket watches to grandfather clocks, we specialise in a vast range of high-quality antique timepieces. Our stalls offer a wide variety of clocks including pendulums, carriages and grandmothers, as well as some of the more modern vintage watch labels such as Omega and Tissot.

Antique Silver

Our glittering array of antique jewellery pieces, cigarette cases, pens and homeware comprises some of the finest antique silver in the country. Antique rings, pendants, and earrings are all available to make a unique addition to your own jewellery box or a stunning gift for that special someone.

Antique Pottery

Antique pottery from Wedgewood and Sylvac to Royal Doulton and Clarice Cliff are always a firm favorite at the centre. If you are looking for a particular piece we welcome telephone enquiries and will be pleased to help you locate anything you might have in mind.

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