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Bygone Times War Museum

At Bygone Times, we’re taking time to respect & commemorate past and present Armed Forces personnel.

Join us and visit our in-store War Museum – open from 9.30am until 5.00pm everyday! Delve into the conflicts of WWI, WWII and the events involving the British and Commonwealth service men and women.

The exhibition includes WWI and WWII Army, Navy & Air Force relics, uniforms, and medals. We even have a recreated air raid shelter!

Penny Arcade

A firm favourite with young and old alike, the Bygone Times Penny Arcade houses an exciting range of classic gaming machinery from yesteryear.

Some of our working machines are over a century old and can still be played by our visitors using real Victorian pennies – a fantastic novelty for players of all ages.

We have 2 penny arcades, you can find the first on Bygone 2. Head down to Bygone 3 for even more machines! Both areas are now fully open and operational following a refurbishment.