Vintage Jewellery

Our vintage jewellery stalls are dripping with all the sparkling costume rings, retro earrings and old-school broaches you need to complete your best vintage outfit. Whether you’re a rockabilly chick or someone who just loves 1930s chic, there are plenty of pretty and fun retro treasures to choose from.

Vintage Clothing

At Bygone Times you’ll find everything you need to achieve perfect vintage style from head-to-toe.

Our stalls offer a range of clothing from different eras and the accessories to match, including hats, dress gloves, handbags and suitcases.

Retro Art

Pop art, psychedelic prints, wartime posters…the list of retro art that can be found with us is endless.

Whatever your era of choice, there’s something for all artistic tastes available so you can ‘keep calm and carry on’ making additions to your home.

Vintage Furniture

Whether your home is wall-to-wall retro or just in need of a little vintage twist, our furniture stalls offer everything from art-deco to swinging sixties style.

Vintage tables, chairs, sofas and bookshelves are all at Grove Mill just waiting to transform your home.

Vintage Ornaments

From statement seventies vases to cute and quirky figurines, there’s an ornament for every room of the house at Bygone Times. With our vintage stalls regularly dusting off and replenishing their ornament collections there’s sure to be something different every time you visit. You may want to consider putting up some extra shelves…

Vintage Homeware

No retro household is complete without the authentic accessories to match. Choose from our range of beautiful iconic Singer sewing machines, magazine racks, vintage mirrors, typewriters, telephones and sewing boxes to add character and style to your home. We even offer a range of vintage additions to your toolbox, with chisels, hammers, vices and spirit levels from yesteryear.

Plan your visit

Explore all that Bygone has to offer and jump feet-first into a realm of all things vintage.