On this day - 1940 - 1st successful helicopter flight in US: Vought-Sikorsky US-300 designed by Igor Sikorsky

On this day
May 27th
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War Museum Now Open!





The museum is dedicated to the history and memory of the Titanic and its significant impact on the people of Lancashire. Discover how this immense ship was constructed and immerse yourself with the key people from the Titanic legacy. Go back in time and live with the passengers, through our original artefacts and interactive projections, hearing and reading the stories of those on that fateful journey. Allow yourself to engage with the myths and the facts surrounding the Titanic with our Myth Busters section. Come and be amazed at the number of influential figures, born and raised in Lancashire, some of whom survived, some who tragically perished.





Opening Times:


Closed for refurbishment. Opening mid October.

For more information call a member of our team on: 01257 368719.

Ask about our lecture programme & now recruiting museum volunteers.

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