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War Museum – Grand Opening

A Time to Remember
Join us for the grand opening of our unique and informative War Museum which covers the conflicts from WWI through to WWII and the events involving British and the Commonwealth service men and women.

The grand opening will be held on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th June.

Opening event includes:

• Nicole Brennan: Singing live
• Army Vehicles
• Live Music
• Info Desks & Live Talks
• Les Roberts: Help For Heroes
• 4th Lancashire Regiment: Info Tent & Recruitment

Our exhibition & gallery includes

• D-Day relic
• Aviation relics
• WWII uniforms (Army, Navy, Air Force)
• 1940’s home front
• Medal plaques and battle relics
• WWI trench

For more information
TEL 01257 451889
EMAIL enquiries@bygonetimes.co.uk

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